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  Basketball Goals
Size: 23.9 KiB - 301 downloads
Basketball Goals – What are your Goals?

  Basketball Overseas Guide
Size: 472.3 KiB - 1,277 downloads
This 29 page report explains how to get started and other tips that I think everyone will enjoy.

  Basketball Strength Training Program
Size: 102.2 KiB - 319 downloads
Download an entire 6 day off-season program to become the strongest player on the court.

  Download Standard Player Agent Contract Sample
Size: 67.9 KiB - 419 downloads
Download Standard Player Agent Contract Sample.Most contracts between agents and players should resemble something of this nature. This is the basic layout guided by FIBA.

  FIBA Basketball Agent Certification
Size: 200.4 KiB - 203 downloads
How to get certified to become an official FIBA Agent

  U.S.A Clearance Application Download
Size: 212.9 KiB - 1,342 downloads
Here you can download the clearance application that is necessary before playing overseas.

  Basketball Workout
Size: 254.2 KiB - 312 downloads
Basketball shooting drills

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